Empower customers to manage their GoGuardian licenses.

Diagnostic Test

A common theme that we kept hearing in our discovery user testing sessions was that customers weren't clear as to which product(s) they needed to purchase/renew from GoGuardian - hence the heavy reliance on engaging with the Tech Touch Team. The main issue being that the customer paying the invoice was not the person usually using the product. Typical the most knowledgeable person on their staff wasn't fully aware of what our entire suite of products had to offer. If this feature was built right, then a user would typically only have navigate to this page 1 - 4 times a year. So we should not be expecting users to know all of the intricate differences between each of our products.

During a working session with the PM and the UX Designer, it quickly dawned on me that it would be best if we had a workflow where users could complete a questionnaire in order to see what GoGuardian products could be recommended to them. The conclusion was for us to build a diagnostic test for users to get our guidance on what products best fulfilled their needs for the coming school year. By having folks self direct their needs, could lead to a reduction of users having to rely on our Tech Touch Team to walk them through our suite of products.

Here is the workflow for the diagnostic test:

The diagnostic test was a major hit for our users during usability user testing. Due to build constraints and a handful of business contingencies, the diagnostic test was going to be punted for a future release.

Version 2 Landing Page Refresh

The beta for the feature was released and after 6 onboarding customer feedback sessions, the feature wasn't meeting customer and Tech Touch Team's needs. After completing the discovery phase of the project, I moved on to a different project and our UX Designer had moved on to a different company. I was tapped to step back in and help iterate on the design. We quickly had to pivot the build to make it more intuitive. It was clear that we managed to over engineer the landing page and the most critical information was being lost on the page. In true agile form, the PM, PMO Delivery Manager, back end, front end engineer, QA engineer and I got in a room and cranked out what was absolutely necessary for a user to be able to achieve the goal of viewing and purchasing/renewing licenses.

Within a week we had a brand new design. We tested the new design with 7 users and it was a hit. We shipped the new build and it's been automatically processing all SMB requests.